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Insurance Losses from Spring Storms

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We were asked what were the majority of losses that were not covered after the March storms.
The wind related losses were generally covered. Business property and homes almost always (and we hope for our clients, always) have coverage for damage caused by wind and wind driven objects. Some homes had trees fall without damaging the house or blocking access. In that case, with most home coverage, there is little or no coverage. But damage to your home or a neighbors, and to some extent when access is blocked, should be covered.

A few of our clients did not have coverage for backup of sewer and drains. It doesn’t make us feel any better to know that we have offered it to every client; but not everyone takes it. Backup of sewer and drains coverage costs about $25 annually for every $5000 of coverage. It is designed for just what it says. And that is not covered by basic Homeowners insurance without adding the backup endorsement. Some idiot agent was on tv recently saying that all Homeowners policies covered backup. Not true. Some throw in a bit of coverage, most can be endorsed, but don’t count on it unless you know you bought it.

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