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Our new favorite safety inspection

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Fireworks tent at a gas station in Connecticut. Join us again for another installment of “Good idea…bad idea”.!/photo.php?pid=4502395&fbid=414424203600&id=192213413600

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June 22, 2010 at 1:53 pm

Prepare for hurricane season

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Insurance representatives can not increase your property coverage when a hurricane is approaching. Here’s a quote that came in this morning straight from one of our insurance companies:

“Tropical Storm or Hurricane Binding Authority Restriction: When a tropical or hurricane “storm watch” or “storm warning” (as defined by the United States Weather Bureau), has been issued by the National Weather Service, the area where an Agent does business may be adversely effected. For that reason, new coverage and/or increases in existing coverage binding authority is suspended automatically during the period of time that area is subject to a tropical or hurricane “storm watch” or “storm warning.” Authority is automatically reinstated 24 (twenty-four) hours after the National Weather Service lifts the “storm watch” or “storm warning”. This severe weather binding authority restriction applies to any personal or commercial property that may be subject to loss or damage caused by: hurricane, tornado, windstorm, flood or surface water. Agent should refer any questions pertaining to this Tropical Storm or Hurricane Binding Authority Restriction to Company.”

So, get your property values right before storms approach. And remember that the National Flood Insurance Program (if those @#$%^& in Congress get their act together and reauthorize it) takes 30 days to put flood coverage in place. You really have to think ahead if you want storm protection.

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