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This is a developing issue for property owners. While it’s most obvious for hospitals and large apartment complexes, it is a target of litigation against smaller entities as well.
The issue: You own property. A tenant or user, or unrelated third party, is attacked while on your property. They allege that the mugging, assault, rape, or whatever attack, is the result of your failure to control access, or screen visitors, or provide adequate security.
Some concerns:
1) What coverage, and what limits, should a property owner demand of tenants?
2) If you are the owner but have tenants and a management company between you and the lawsuit, do you have an exposure? (Looks like the answer is yes.)
3) How does the insurance company manage the claim? Settle immediately, devote extensive time to discovery, litigate to the last ditch?
4) How can you manage the risk in advance of loss?
More to come.

Written by gbwinsurance

September 6, 2010 at 7:36 pm

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