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Brief legal note: Premises security cases are difficult to settle; there may be horrific injuries or damages. But the law is favorable to the defense in most states. Courts generally hold that property owners are not guarantors of public safety; they are responsible for reasonable security. And when liability is apportioned, a judge may well be reluctant to assign more responsibility to the property owner than to the assailant.

Are there crimes in the area? What kind? How close? How many?
What security features does the building have? What is the quality of maintenance? Do you screen building staff?

By the way, we’ve worked with a large building where one security staff member committed a theft and another was responsible for sexual harassment just short of assault. Reviewing the security camera record on that case, the victim should have pressed assault charges. While Workers Compensation might bar a case against the employer, it would not protect the security company, property management company, or building owner.

Another consideration: we see large office buildings where a whole floor or wing is unoccupied in the current economic situation. How are you protecting the property from damage? How are you making sure that tenants or visitors don’t gain access to that area, or drag a person into that area for assault or robbery?

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