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Massachusetts Workers Compensation Insurance Change

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The newest bulletin on the MA Workers Comp mess, from the Professional Insurance Agents ( Some of the problems have been cleaned up (thank you PIA). But employers with work in MA will still have to be careful in record keeping and making sure MA is listed in their WC policy.  Call us at 1-800-548-2329 GBW Insurance or go to or for a quote go to

“Great news! The revised wording of Form 154 no longer contains a 10-day advance cancellation notice requirement.
On Aug. 26, 2010, Paul V. Buckley at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents issued Circular Letter No. 335, which introduced Form 154 Verification Of Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Coverage For Out Of State Employers Operating In Massachusetts and the conditions that would necessitate an employer’s insurer to complete it. Some insurers immediately reacted to the problematic provisions of the form by refusing to sign it. Consequently, employers faced the potential of stop work orders and fines imposed upon them for noncompliance, though lawfully maintaining the 3.C. Other States insurance coverage that would have been certified by the form.

Your association sent a letter to the DIA outlining concerns over the new Form 154 requirements. PIA is pleased to report that most of these concerns have been favorably addressed in the newly revised Circular #335 and Form 154.

• Form 154 will only be required when requested by the DIA; not when applying for a license or permit, or when conducting work for a general contractor.
• The insurer’s 10-day advance notice of policy cancellation or modification has been removed from Form 154.
• The insurer’s representative now affirms that “The information contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge and belief,” allowing for mistaken representations.
It is hoped that insurers will be more inclined to complete Form 154 for their policyholders and avoid the unnecessary penalties imposed upon lawfully insured out-of-state employers. Remember, this form is not required if the employer has 3.A. coverage in Massachusetts or when the DIA has not requested it.”

For more questions on Workers Compensation for small and mid-size businesses in New Jersey and New York, call us or go to

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