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BOP – Businessowners Policy – Competition and changes

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Carriers are engaged in heavy competition for New Jersey and New York business insurance. As an example, Preferred Mutual ( is introducing new coverage and pricing for its BOP (BusinessOwners Program).
Small and mid-size business owners should be reviewing cost and coverage with their insurance advisors (call us at 1-800-548-2DAY or go to ).  Or for a quick quote:

Things you should be looking for:

Can your business fit into a BOP?  It can cut prices and expand automatic coverage; check with us.

What limit does the policy give you for all products claims in a year?

If you have to include your landlord under your insurance, is that automatic and does it cost you more?

Does your policy cover your loss of income while it’s closed after a fire or other damage?  For how long?

What discounts does the policy offer?  Which are you getting?

If you would like to go over these, and many other questions for small and mid-size businesses, call us at 973-426-1500 for Morris County, New Jersey insurance and 1-800-548-2329 for other locations.  For Workers Compensation Insurance call or check

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