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Fire protection – A Spring problem – Fire Insurance

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A cautionary note from our friends at the fire protection company, City Fire Equipment

It’s April and Spring is finally here! With the changing of the seasons, things in our environment are starting to change. There is actually one highly flammable substance in nature that only exists during this short time of the year. Can you guess what it is?

Answer: Pollen

Employees here have witnessed serious pollen fires before, so it is something to keep aware of in the next few coming weeks if you have pollen buildup on your properties. Be sure to sweep pollen away and into gutters and away from any outside electrical/mechanical machinery that produces any type of heat.

And remember, April showers, bring May flowers!

Kind Regards,

City Fire Equipment Co., Inc. (click here for the City Fire web site)

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Mold environmental issues from Sandy – What’s coming now?

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Here’s a link to a NY Real Estate Journal by Lee Wasserman.  #moldremediation In it he addresses some of the legal issues coming up as responses to the growing concern about mold clean-up and the delayed clean up here at the 6 month mark since Sandy hit.

Lee Wasserman in the NY Real Estate Journal click here

New Jersey A3970 – Eliminating Non-Competition Agreements

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Three members of the New Jersey Assembly have introduced A3970.  This would all but eliminate non-competition agreements.  #Businessinsurance  Their intention is to minimize unemployment.

What’s the problem?  For many small businesses, intellectual property is their most valuable property.  Without the ability to defend customer lists and proprietary processes, they don’t have a business.

Perversely, the bill gives small employers the incentive to fight as hard as possible to keep terminated employees from receiving unemployment since unemployment benefits are what triggers destruction of non-competition agreements.

For an intelligent discussion of this bill, try Ken Drossman’s analysis:

A copy of the text of the bill appears below.

1 AN ACT concerning certain employment contracts and
2 unemployment compensation, and supplementing chapter 21 of
3 Title 43 of the Revised Statutes.
5 BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State
6 of New Jersey:
8 1. An unemployed individual found to be eligible to receive
9 benefits pursuant to the “unemployment compensation law,”
10 R.S.43:21-1 et seq., shall not be bound by any covenant, contract,
11 or agreement, entered into with the individual’s most recent
12 employer, not to compete, not to disclose, or not to solicit. This
13 section shall not be construed to apply to any covenant, contract, or
14 agreement in effect on or before the date of enactment of P.L. ,
15 c. (C. )(pending before the Legislature as this bill).
17 2. This act shall take effect immediately.
22 This bill will invalidate any covenant, contract, or agreement not
23 to compete, not to disclose, or not to solicit, entered into by an
24 individual with the individual’s most recent employer, if the
25 individual is found to be eligible for unemployment insurance
26 benefits pursuant to the “unemployment compensation law,”
27 N.J.S.A.43:21-1 et seq. The bill stipulates that the provisions of the
28 bill will not apply to any covenant, contract, or agreement in effect
29 on or before the date of the bill’s enactment.