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Mold environmental issues from Sandy – What’s coming now?

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Here’s a link to a NY Real Estate Journal by Lee Wasserman.  #moldremediation In it he addresses some of the legal issues coming up as responses to the growing concern about mold clean-up and the delayed clean up here at the 6 month mark since Sandy hit.

Lee Wasserman in the NY Real Estate Journal click here

After the disaster – Commercial Property Insurance

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When you have a large property loss, do you have enough insurance to clean up and prepare your site as well as to replace the building?  Will your business survive the event?  Here are some steps to help y0u prepare, and to increase your change of coming back from disaster.

  1. Local laws, ordinances, and building codes can affect your ability to repair or rebuild. 
  2. The laws may require you to tear down the remainder of the building if it is significantly damaged.
  3. Debris from an older building may be regulated by hazardous waste laws.
  4. If the building is more than a few years old, new building codes can force you to spend more than simple replacement cost.   As examples: interior and exterior doors may have to be changed;  hallway widths may have to be altered; stairway requirements may have changed; fire suppression systems may have to be upgraded, or installed if you did not have them before.  
  5. In the event of a widespread disaster, a hurricane for example, prices for building materials and labor usually rise because so many building owners are trying to rebuild at the same time.
  6. Even if your building sustains little damage, what insurance coverage do you have if damage to buildings near your business blocks access? 
  7. What coverage do you have for power failures?

Most of these questions can be addressed in advance by talking with your local municipality as well as with your insurance advisor.  Call us at 800-548-2329 for advice or click here for more detailed disaster planning advice from our web site. 

On the topic of disaster recovery, here’s an IT provider (IT Radix) who we think does a great job for their clients.  They were taken down by a goose flying into their power lines!  Click here for their story.

Green by Design – Sustainable building

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If you are in New Jersey, Eastern PA, or downstate NY, join GBW Insurance and our co-sponsors, Milton-Terry and Hance Construction, for an August 4th open house at the Warren County Community College. Green By Design will be hosting speakers and exhibitors on sustainable design and building. Call 1-800-548-2329 for more details, or to register for our regular session with continuing education credits for architects and designers 9/28/10.  Or check our co-sponsor’s site:

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August 2, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Green Construction – Insurance issues

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Insurance companies are bringing out “green” construction coverages.   CNA introduced a “EcoCare Property Upgrade Extension Endorsement”  to allow property owners to rebuild “green” after a loss.  And other carriers have done the same.  Here’s a link to an article on the topic.  Do you think “green” buildings are less likely to suffer losses? 

Here’s another perspective.

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April 12, 2010 at 12:04 pm

A change from flood insurance – Solar Energy

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Installation of solar panels on homes has become more popular, especially with the tax credits available. Here’s a link to an engineering company that does installations. We’re linking to them because 1) we know a client who said their brand new installation held up in the recent wind storm while other people’s panels were blowing down the street. And 2) their web site is helpful in reviewing how such installations work. 3) they do seem to give more complete help in getting the project done. Entech Energy.  But the first point is really important. 1-800-548-2329

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April 5, 2010 at 10:10 am